Goats Milk Soap

Goats Milk Soap
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Product Description

MYRA soaps are all handmade by widowed women in Kenya as part of an economic development program sponsored by an organization called CENTERWILL.

All of these women have suffered greatly from the cultural stigma that comes from being widowed. They live in isolation and in tremendous poverty as a result of losing all their possessions to their in-laws. Many have even suffered physical abuse within their community because of this stigma.

Because of this economic development program these widows are now living new lives of hope and joy! They can now afford to feed their families and send their children to school. 100% of the sale of each bar of soap goes to the women. All distribution costs are paid for by CENTERWIL.

MYRA soaps are all handmade, pure goat's milk soap for face and body. This soap is made in small batches and the women even milk the goats to get the wonderful goat's milk that is good for you, inside and out. These soaps are low lather soaps, made with natural ingredients instead of the petroleum by-products that create high lather in detergents. You'll prefer the gentle cleansing of MYRA soaps.